ZAGG iPad Air/Air 2 InvisibleShield - Glass

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Introducing the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass for the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 / iPad Air 2/ iPad Air. This revolutionary protective glass shield is designed to keep your device looking like new. Its compact and scratch protection design ensures that your device is safe from any potential damage or wear and tear. The ultra-smooth surface provides a precision touch sensitivity, so your device operates like it was designed to. The easy, bubble-free application ensures that your device remains clean and simple with no mess or fuss. With its crystal clear visibility, you can be sure that your device will look great in any environment. Its protective shield is also guaranteed sensitive, allowing you to use your device quickly and easily. Installation is a breeze, and with a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure that your device is safe and secure. Protect your device with the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass and enjoy a clean and simple look with ultra-smooth performance and guaranteed protection.

  • ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass offers compact and scratch protection for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 / iPad Air 2/ iPad Air.
  • Its ultra-smooth and precision touch sensitivity make it easy to use.
  • Its bubble-free application and protective Crystal Clear design ensures it is guaranteed to keep your device safe.
  • Easy installation and clean and simple design make it simple to apply on your device.
  • Enjoy a lifetime guarantee for this ultra-sensitive and protective glass shield for your iPad.

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