Do I need to pay the buyer’s premium?

Yes, all successful bidders must pay the buyer’s premium. Please be informed that this amount is a certain fraction of the base (hammer) price. It is also separate from the hammer price, yet equally mandatory.


When will the auctioneer set the hammer price?

Once you or your opponent win and the last quoted price is settled upon, the auctioneer will declare a hammer price that must be paid by the winner in order to acquire the products in question.


Do I need to set a max price?

Yes. All auction participants must set a maximum bid that determines how high they are willing to go and ensures that the budget isn’t exceeded.


Are your products in the same condition as represented on the website?

Yes, of course. We aren’t the kind of company that hides behind fake claims and false representation. Rest assured, everything displayed on our website is the same as its actual condition. We also mention specific details in the product description so bidders have a complete idea of what they’re possibly buying.


Do you offer auction previews?

While we guarantee that our products are the same as their pictures, you can still contact us for an on-site inspection for your peace of mind. However, please make sure to inform us in advance as there might be changes to the policy due to COVID-19 updates.


The auction seems to be closed. Have I won the item?

Yes! Congratulations! If it closed on your latest bid price then you are officially the winner. Rest assured, you will receive a confirmation email very soon.


I can’t come to the pickup spot. Can you deliver the products I won instead?

Yes, of course, our goal is to maximize your convenience, and thus, we can deliver the items to your provided location. However, please be wary that you will have to bear the shipping expenses yourself.


When can I come to your location for pick up?

Once you receive an email from our side confirming that you’ve won the items, let us know where you live so we can tell you the nearest pickup spot. On the other hand, you can also sift through our locations on the website, find the one closest to you, and send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and after the correspondence is complete, you can come to pick up your stuff according to your feasibility.


Can I pay online for the items I have won?

Each participant is required to register with their payment details. Such that, once you win an item, your card or digital wallet will be charged automatically and a notification of the receipt will be sent to your provided email address.


I don’t have a card. Can I pay with cash?

It’s okay if you don’t have a card, we also work just as well with PayPal. In any case, please inform us prior to participating in the auction so there are no deductions made on your account. For further details, please contact XXX.



Which payment methods do you accept?

ATX Overstock LLC accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, Debit/Card, PayPal, ebay.


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