USA Bongzilla 12 Pack Beer Bong

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BRING YOUR PARTY TOGETHER WITH BONGZILLA: Our Head Rush Bongzilla Beer Bong is a fun party accessory for responsible adults. This large beer funnel holds up to 12 cans, perfect for enjoying drinking games with friends. ?? BONGZILLA KIT: Includes a 6-foot pole, 6 tube funnels, and on/off valves, adjustable for ages 21-60. Ideal for college students, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Control each funnel with the valves to customize your drinking experience. ?? SIMPLE & USER-FRIENDLY: With no complex steps, the Bongzilla is easy to use. Fill the bucket, adjust the pole, open or close valves as needed, and let the fun begin! Always remember to drink responsibly. ?? ENHANCE ANY CELEBRATION: Bongzilla is perfect for college breaks, weddings, or impromptu gatherings. Keep it handy to entertain friends and family anytime, making your home the go-to party spot. ?? HEADRUSH: PARTY ESSENTIALS EXPERTS: Since 1992, Southern California-based Head Rush Products has supplied drinking accessories for every occasion, including birthdays and Christmas parties. Our beer bongs are the ultimate fun tools and exciting gifts.

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