Tech21 Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro - Radiant

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Introducing the Tech21 Evo Clear Phone Case. This slim profile phone case is designed to provide maximum protection while still maintaining a sleek and stylish look. The case is made from Tech21's patented Smart Materials, which are designed to absorb the shock of impact and protect your phone from falls and scratches. The clear color of the case allows you to show off your phone's original design while still providing superior protection. The case is designed with a slim profile for a comfortable fit in your pocket or purse, and it won't add any bulk to your phone. The Tech21 Evo Clear Phone Case is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and protective phone case.

  • tech21 Evo Clear Phone Case: made from Smart Materials for a slim profile and crystal clear protection.
  • Designed to protect your phone from drops up to 3 meters, while remaining slim and lightweight.
  • Unique material combination for enhanced shock absorption, to help keep your phone safe.
  • The specially designed clear back allows you to show off your phone's original design.
  • The Evo Clear Phone Case comes in a sleek clear color to perfectly complement your device.

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