Just Wireless Dual Car Charger - USB Type-C w/ Stand & 6Ft Cable, Space Grey

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The Just Wireless Dual Car Charger provides the perfect solution for charging both your USB Type-C devices simultaneously in your car. The dual car charger comes with a 6Ft USB Type-C cable, which is long enough to reach every corner of your car. The USB Type-C connector is reversible, so you don't have to worry about plugging it in wrong. The car charger has an adjustable stand that allows you to easily fit your device in the charger and the space grey color looks great in any car. With the Dual Car Charger from Just Wireless, you can keep your USB Type-C devices charged wherever you go. The 6Ft cable is long enough to reach wherever you need it, and the reversible USB Type-C connector makes it easy to plug in right every time. The adjustable stand allows you to fit a variety of device sizes and the sleek space grey color is a great addition to any car. Get the Just Wireless Dual Car Charger and never worry about your USB Type-C devices dying while you're on the go.

  • Just Wireless Dual Car Charger with USB Type-C Port and Stand: provides the ultimate convenience when charging your devices in the car.
  • 6ft USB Type-C cable included: ensures an adequate reach to charge two devices at the same time.
  • Space Grey colour: adds a stylish and elegant look to your car's interior.
  • Smart Technology: detects the maximum power output of your device for a fast and safe charge.
  • Compact Design: takes up minimal space in your car while providing maximum charging power.

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