Just Wireless 10ft TPU Type-C to USB-A Cable - Black

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This 10ft Type-C to USB-A Cable is perfect for easily connecting your USB Type-C device to USB-A devices. It is 10ft in length, allowing for added reach and flexibility when connecting your devices. The cable is black in color, adding a sleek look to the setup. It is engineered with premium components to provide an ultra-fast data transfer rate of 480 Mbps. The cable is constructed with a durable material to ensure it is long lasting and reliable. It is also designed for optimal signal strength and interference reduction. This 10ft Type-C to USB-A cable is the perfect cable for connecting your USB Type-C and USB-A devices.

  • 10ft Type-C to USB-A Cable: allowing you to connect your Type-C devices to USB-A devices.
  • Color: Black: a sleek and stylish look that will match any setup.
  • Size: 10ft: providing you with an extended reach to easily connect your devices.
  • Material: Durable construction to ensure your cable is long-lasting.
  • Compatible: Works with a wide range of Type-C and USB-A devices.

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