Heyday 6' Lightning to USB-C Braided Cable - Ribbed Rose Pink

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Introducing the Heyday LTNG 6' Charging Cable, the perfect accessory for tech lovers everywhere. This ultra-durable charging cable is crafted from premium braided material, so it can withstand even the toughest wear and tear. The cable comes in a beautiful rose pink color that is sure to stand out in any collection. With a length of 6 feet, this cable is long enough to give you the perfect reach when you need to charge your device. The Heyday LTNG 6' Charging Cable is the ideal way to keep your devices powered up and ready to use.

  • Heyday LTNG Charging Cable in a stylish Rose Pink color is the perfect way to keep your devices charged and ready for use.
  • This 6' long cable is made of a durable braided material, for added strength and longevity.
  • Its slim design makes it easy to carry around, so you can charge your device anywhere.
  • Its fast-charging technology allows you to get the most out of your device in the shortest time possible.
  • The Heyday LTNG Charging Cable is the perfect way to keep your devices powered up with style.

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