Dash SmartStore Stirring Popcorn Maker

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Introducing the Dash SmartStore™ Stirring Popcorn Maker! This powerful appliance is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This 24 cup size popcorn maker is made of durable plastic, and the beautiful aqua color will be sure to make a statement in your kitchen. The stirring mechanism allows you to make up to 24 cups of perfectly popped popcorn in minutes. The built-in butter melting tray adds the perfect amount of butter and helps to evenly distribute the flavor for a delicious, theater-style popcorn experience. The lid is removable for easy cleaning and the non-stick surface makes it a breeze to wipe down. The SmartStore™ Stirring Popcorn Maker is a must-have for movie nights, family gatherings, or for a quick snack. Get the Dash SmartStore™ Stirring Popcorn Maker today and enjoy delicious, freshly made popcorn in minutes!

  • Dash SmartStore™ Stirring Popcorn Maker in Aqua is the perfect size to make 24 cups of popcorn at once.
  • The durable plastic construction ensures it will last for many movie nights to come.
  • Its stirring mechanism helps to distribute oil and seasoning evenly for the best flavor.
  • The removable stirring arm makes it easy to clean and store.
  • Its unique aqua color is sure to stand out in any kitchen.

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