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Apple's USB-C Charge Cable is the perfect replacement for your USB-C charging needs. This 2m cable is perfect for charging and syncing your USB-C device. It features two USB-C connectors on both ends, so you can easily connect your device to your laptop, power bank, or wall charger. With its long 2m length, it provides the perfect length for your charging needs. The USB-C Charge Cable is part of Apple's USB-C product line. It supports high speed data transfer and fast charging for your device. Get your USB-C Charge Cable today and power up your device in style!

  • Apple USB-C Charge Cable is a reliable 2m long cable with USB-C connectors on both ends.
  • Its performance is optimized for Apple products with USB-C ports.
  • The cable is designed to provide fast charging and data transfer speeds.
  • It is a durable, long-lasting cable and is compatible with a wide range of Apple products.
  • The cable is easy to install and is a great value for money.

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