How To Bathe Baby In A Bathtub
  1. Fill the tub with a little water. Usually, 2 to 3 inches of water will do. Depending on the model, you can place some tubs in the sink or regular bathtub.
  2. When you have undressed your baby, immediately place them in the water so they won't get cold.
  3. Place your baby feet first into the tub while holding their head with one hand. Make sure that their head and neck are well above water at all times.
  4. To keep your baby warm in the tub, gently splash or pour warm water over them.
  5. Wash their face and hair with a washcloth, and shampoo their scalp at least once a week.
  6. Wash the rest of their body from top to bottom with warm water or a wet washcloth.
  7. Carefully lift your baby out and pat them dry with a towel. Don't forget to dry their creases as well.

You should never leave a baby unattended in a tub, even for a second. They can quickly drown, even in a shallow amount of water.