Tech21 Apple iPhone 12 Mini Evo Case - Clear

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Introducing the Tech21 Evo Clear Phone Case for the Apple iPhone 12 Mini 5G! This slim and stylish phone case is perfect for everyone on the go. It's made from a premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane material for maximum durability and protection. It is designed to protect your phone from any drops up to 10 ft. and impact protection. Plus, it's self-cleaning, so you never need to worry about dirt or grime. The clear color allows you to show off the beauty of your phone while still providing superior protection. Get the Tech21 Evo Clear Phone Case and keep your iPhone 12 Mini 5G safe from everyday wear and tear.

  • tech21 Evo Clear Phone Case for Apple iPhone 12 Mini 5G: made of clear thermoplastic polyurethane material for 10 ft. drop protection, self-cleaning, slim profile, and impact protection.
  • Clear thermoplastic polyurethane material is durable and provides reliable protection against drops, scratches and dust.
  • 10 ft. drop protection ensures your phone is safe from drops and falls.
  • Self-cleaning feature helps keep your phone looking like new.
  • Slim profile and impact protection ensure your phone remains safe from bumps and other damage.

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