Tech21 Apple iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Evocheck 2 - Black

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The tech21 Evo Check case is the perfect phone case for your Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro 5G. It is designed with Impact Protection and Smart Materials for superior protection and a slim, lightweight design. The two-tone Smokey/Black color is stylish and eye-catching. The case is also treated with BioCote to provide long-lasting protection against bacteria and germs, so you can be sure your phone is safe and secure. With its slim and sleek design, the tech21 Evo Check phone case is sure to stand out in any situation. Enjoy the perfect combination of style and protection with the tech21 Evo Check phone case!

  • tech21 Evo Check Phone Case for Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro 5G: offering superior Impact Protection with BioCote and Smart Materials in a stylish Smokey/Black color.
  • Impact Protection technology absorbs, dissipates and repels shock away from your device to protect it from drops and bumps.
  • BioCote technology reduces bacteria and other microbes on the product surface by up to 99.9%
  • Smart Materials provide a comfortable grip and are designed to last for the life of your device.
  • Rigorously tested to meet military standards for drop protection, the Evo Check phone case provides optimal protection for your device.

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