Peerless 1118 Passenger Car Tire Chains, 111810

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The Peerless 0111810 SAE Class "S" Passenger Car Tire Chains are the ultimate in winter traction. The chains are constructed of heavy-duty alloy steel and are designed to fit most passenger cars. These chains feature a unique design with cross-chain pattern and V-bar link for superior traction and performance in snowy and icy conditions. The chains also come with chain tighteners to ensure a snug fit and maximum performance. The Peerless 0111810 SAE Class "S" Passenger Car Tire Chains provide the reliability and safety you need to get through the toughest winter conditions with confidence.

Peerless 0111810 Passenger Car Tire Chains provide superior traction and performance for all types of vehicles in all types of weather and road conditions.

Constructed of SAE Class "S" cross chains for improved traction and durability.

Features built-in chain tighteners for easy and secure installation.

Designed to fit a variety of tire sizes for optimal fitment.

Easy to install and remove for efficient and safe driving.

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