Marvel Battleworld Series 2 - Treachery at Twilight Mega Pack - Captain Marvel 2099 Suit w/ Unique Team/Solo Gameplay, 30+ Collectible Characters, Mystery Character, Rare Variants & Unique-to-Battleworld Hero w/ Thanostone.

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Introducing Marvel Battleworld Series 2: Treachery at Twilight Mega Pack! This exciting new set of 30+ collectible characters is sure to bring hours of fun and unique team-based or solo gameplay. Whether you're a fan of Captain Marvel or the rare variants of Spider-Man 2099 Suit, this set has something for everyone! Plus, with a mystery character and a unique-to-Battleworld Hero, you never know what surprises you'll uncover. Collect all the game cards and unlock the power of Thanostone! With Marvel Battleworld Series 2: Treachery at Twilight Mega Pack, your next adventure is just a card away!

  • Marvel Battleworld Series 2: Treachery at Twilight Mega Pack: a unique team-based or solo gameplay experience featuring 30+ unique characters, including Captain Marvel in her 2099 Suit and a Mystery Character, plus Rare variants and Unique-to-Battleworld Heroes, all powered by the mysterious Thanostone!
  • Collectible characters for endless strategic and creative play opportunities!
  • Game cards to help power-up your characters and increase their abilities!
  • Mystery character adds an element of surprise and excitement to the game!
  • Rare variants and Unique-to-Battleworld Heroes offer a special challenge and exclusive rewards!

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