Ignite by SPRI Chalk Block 2pk

Sale price$3.99


Keep your hands dry, prevent calluses and blisters, and reduce slipping during your workout with this Chalk Block 2pk from Ignite by SPRI. Chalk absorbs and eliminates moisture but doesn't easily rub off, making it great for improving your grip while weight lifting, performing exercises like pull-ups, deadlifts, kettlebells and doing gymnastics, CrossFit, rock climbing, and bouldering. Can also add extra grip to your yoga or Pilates practice, keeping your mat drying for superior grip. Easy to use, simply break apart to refill your climbing chalk bag or store in a sealable bag or container for use. Each block is pigment free, non-toxic and made with magnesium carbonate.
Number of Pieces: 2 
Used For: Weight lifting

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