ATX Overstock LLC is your one-stop-shop discount warehouse store of overstock items from all major retails in the nation. Items are checked and made sure they are in new condition ready for customers. All items are 20% - 60% off current retail prices, shop with us and never pay full price for new items again!! Inventory constantly changes so rest assured to always find something you need to your family, home, work, or vacation time. Some of the categories are home decor, office, outdoor living, baby products like diapers, wipes, baby decor, nursing accessories, bedding, BBQs, Smokers, home workout equipment, children's clothing, toys, wireless accessories and much more!!

We are your one stop shop for all gifts and presents for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, holidays and all other celebrations. So don’t wait, hurry and lock in your savings and come back for more. 

The Founder’s Story

Ruslan Serdyuk is an LA-based entrepreneur with a highly diversified experience. His career is marked by several accolades, achievements, and positions at different companies. As a Store Manager of 4G Wireless Verizon Premium Retailer, he helped streamline the company’s production cycle. Later on, he was appointed as the Store Manager for Sprint which saw him spearhead duties of maintenance, delegation, and seamless on-site operations. However, that’s only one part of it all. Serdyuk has also served within the capacity of a District Manager, Area Manager, and other positions at a long list of Fortune 500 organizations. Surely, his time working in leading roles has empowered him to establish ATX Overstock LLC.


A journey of growth, resilience, and clarity

Today, Serdyuk serves thousands of customers through an efficient business model with skyrocketing metrics. Needless to say, his journey hasn’t been short of exciting. However, the true reason for his success is the holistic approach he lives by. Serdyuk believes that running a business is no easy feat, regardless, there are both wrong and right ways to go about it. Without sufficient financial backing, entrepreneurs have greater chances of giving in to possible rebuttals. At the same time, business owners must realize that their job is vast and plenty. As the visionary behind ATX Overstock LLC, Serdyuk looks over store operations, works on marketplace needs, and devises strategies to promote sales.


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